Relationship Counseling

This therapy focuses on helping couples look at biblical principals and learn secular tools to help them resolve conflicts and improve communication skills. It helps couples to correct behaviors in their relationship so that partners learn alternative ways of relating to one another. During the sessions we discuss what we need to do to keep you together, which stressors are going on in your relationship, conflict and resolution, biblical principles, the nature of the complex, communication patterns, strengths and weaknesses, what qualities are missing or dysfunctional in your relationship and healing from past hurts and childhood experiences. 

Marital and Relationship Counseling comes when couples find that it is difficult to resolve issues on their own. It becomes important when communication has become negative, one or both partners considers having an affair or one partner has had an affair, when a couple seems to be just occupying the same space, when the partners do not know how to resolve their differences, when one partner begins to act out or have negative feelings, when the only resolution appears to be separation or when a couple is staying together for the sake of their children.

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