Family/Family Conflict

Family/Family Conflict - are you dealing with past resentments that are preventing you from having a positive relationship? Do you feel tense, have anxiety and dread when you know you are going to have conversations with your family? Do the conversations you have feel conflicted and leave you wondering if you could ever have a decent conversation that does not end up in an argument? Have you gotten to the point where you are not communicating as a family at all? When these problems arise, do you feel like you have lost your sense of security? If so, family counseling may be what your family needs. In this setting, you are given the opportunity to have conversations in a safe neutral environment with a mediator or person that can help you with the tools to overcome your deep-rooted problems.

During therapy we use Gods Word as a foundation for addressing issues and as a guideline for the healing process. You are also given the tools to help you be successful. With this type of counseling you learn to create healthy family boundaries, open the lines of communication so that your relationship can grow and thrive to work towards healing from past hurts and wounds. You also learn how to work on conflict-resolution, finding a middle ground, learning to manage emotions, using active listening skills and working on clarifying misunderstandings. 

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