Teen Counseling

The pre-teen and teenage years can be challenging at times. They are going through natural changes and sometimes these changes can be difficult for both parents and youth to adjust to. Many youth feel pressure from parents and from their peers. Some youth have behavior problems, anger issues, dealing with depression, anxiety, eating disorders, substance abuse issues, problems with self-esteem, social problems, trauma, and grief. Some also are performing self harm to themselves and seeking attention in all the wrong places. Sometimes they just need someone neutral to talk to. In the counseling sessions I courage youth to talk freely about their relationships, their family concerns, their school, their fears, and their hopes.

We work together to identify problem areas, begin to make necessary changes to confront their problems and learn how to respond positively to those problems. In the sessions we also work on self-esteem, self awareness, balanced assertiveness, goal planning, talk about their visions and preparing them for adulthood. This therapy includes assignments given outside the therapy room to strengthen the youth in the various areas needed.

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I am willing to work with your schedule and my availability for sessions, especially for working adults. I also offer evening and weekend hours for counseling.

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